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Prof. TEMMERMAN, Stijn

University of Antwerp, Belgium

Talk Title: Forecasting coastal marsh evolution under global change: examples of bio-geomorphological modelling approaches

Brief IntroductionStijn Temmerman is a professor at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and editor of Estuaries and Coasts. He is a Geographer studying impacts of global change on coasts and river landscapes, and how ecosystems and human society can mitigate and adapt to global change. Coasts and river landscapes are hotspots of biodiversity and human activity, that are impacted by a variety of factors. He likes to contribute to science-based solutions to mitigate global and local impacts on coastal and riverine socio-ecological systems. This involves studies on nature-based mitigation of climate impacts, such as flood risk reduction by marshes and mangroves; climate change mitigation by carbon storage in tidal wetlands; resilience of coastal ecosystems to sea level rise, storms and human impacts.