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City Introduction


Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province in East China, running through the city are lower reaches of the Yangtze River whose estuary is not far away. Nanjing enjoys a civilization of over 6000 years and the city itself was founded 2500 years ago. Enclosed by mountains and rivers, and located in a strategic place, it boasts picturesque scenery that blends natural landscape with towering modern buildings, integrating traditional styles with modern civilization. It was known as a unique historic and cultural city to the world.

Nanjing is a city where you can live conveniently and happily. Supermarkets, including Wal-Mart, Carrefour and local Suguo, which spread all around the city, can provide you with all the necessities of your life. Emporiums, located in the downtown area, will make you close to the world-famous brands,just as you are in any modern city of the world. Various restaurants, as some of which serve traditional Chinese food of all flavors, some serve foreign food, including western food, Indian food and Thai food, may cater for you from different countries and regions. If youd like to spend your evening in pubs, you may find ones near large hotels. Adjacent to the Presidential Palace, there is a pub zone called 1912 with traditional Chinese buildings, where you can enjoy yourself to your hearts content. Transportation like by bus, train and plane can take you to nearly every city of China. A short trip by air may take you to other big cities of China, such as Beijing and Guangzhou. It only takes you about 1.5 hours from Nanjing to Shanghai or Hangzhou by train.