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Abstracts are welcome on the following topics:

Estuarine and coastal hydrodynamics and bio-morphodynamics: tides, waves, circulations, and their interactions with the ecosystem, physical or numerical modeling of relevant physical and ecological processes, morphological evolution

Sediment dynamics involving biological effects: multi-scale sediment dynamics in rivers, estuaries, coasts, deltas involving biology (e.g., salt marshes, mangroves, benthic communities and microorganisms, etc.)

Data acquisition and monitoring techniques: new methods or techniques on in-situ and remote data collection, field site monitoring

Estuarine and coastal species competition and co-existence: interactions between different coastal species (marshes and mangroves), biological competition and invasion in coasts and estuaries

Coastal management and natural-based solutions: ecosystem conservation and restoration, human-nature interactions, nature-based solutions

Coastal carbon dynamics: carbon storage, accumulation and cycle in coastal wetlands, spatial and temporal variation under climate change